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Neumont College of Computer Science was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003, to fill the growing national demand for industry-ready technology professionals by offering bachelor’s degree in three years that immerses students in a rigorous, project-based curriculum. This blog serves as a platform to publish and share, news, reviews, and stories from Utah's best kept tech secret. 



Neumont College of Computer Sciences's official blogs shares the stories of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to illustrate the Neumont experience. 


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Current Student Rachel Strasdin on ng-conf

Neumont University

Three Neumont University students attended ng-conf. The students were given the opportunity to attend the world's largest AngularJS conference due to their outstanding academic achievement. Cody Clawson, Kyle Kacprzynski, and Rachel Strasdin are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development program. 

Tom Beatty, chair of the BSWD program, presented Cody, Rachel, and Kyle with their tickets to ng-conf. 

Tom Beatty, chair of the BSWD program, presented Cody, Rachel, and Kyle with their tickets to ng-conf. 

We sat down with Rachel to briefly discuss her experience at ng-conf. 

Q: What was ng-conf like?
A: It was interesting, I had never been to a tech conference before and was surprised to see so many people who were all there for the same reason.

Q: What did you learn? 
A: The workshops I attended varied a lot, covering everything from migrating applications from Angular 1 to Angular 2, using the component router, TypeScript and ES6, Horizon.js, and Elm.

Q: What surprised you the most about the event?
A: I was actually really surprised at how much TypeScript was used with Angular. At first I thought it was really interesting that there was so much to do with TypeScript happening at an Angular conference, but after seeing it being used in conjunction with Angular I realized why. 

Q: Would you attend the conference again? And if so, why?
A: Definitely, even though I was only there for a day I learned so much and would love to do it again.

Q: What was the best and worst part of the conference?
A: The best part was how the workshops were ran. They were all in the style of coding along, so it wasn't just sitting and listening to what the presenters were saying, but seeing it in action and being able to mess with it yourself to understand it better. The worst part was having to choose between which workshops to attend.

Neumont University is thrilled these web dev students we're able to attend ng-conf; we're also proud of our game dev students who attend GDC each year. We believe that professional development conferences are an important aspect of our students' education.