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Neumont College of Computer Science was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003, to fill the growing national demand for industry-ready technology professionals by offering bachelor’s degree in three years that immerses students in a rigorous, project-based curriculum. This blog serves as a platform to publish and share, news, reviews, and stories from Utah's best kept tech secret. 



Neumont College of Computer Sciences's official blogs shares the stories of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to illustrate the Neumont experience. 


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Neumont Live: How to Apply & When to Visit

Neumont College of Computer Science

You asked! We answered! 

The Office of Admissions at Neumont College of Computer Science hosted a livestream where Associate Director of Admissions Jasmine Peña and Computer Science Instructor Josh Krebs answered questions about the admissions process and visiting campus. 

Watch the full video for great advice on how to complete your best application by the General Admission Deadline on Monday, January 29. (Hint: Request transcripts now, and ask for help with your essays.) Josh and Jasmine even talk about why you may want to take the SAT or ACT. Complete your Application for Admission at and automatically be considered for a grant or scholarship.

Josh shares his advice on what to bring to FReX on April 6-7, 2018 which includes paper and pen, pocket money to try out some local eats, and a handheld gaming device, card game, or board game that you enjoy. Jasmine recommends wearing good walking shoes and a light jacket as well. Accepted students are encouraged to learn more at

An Easter egg hunt, project presentations, faculty reception, and more FReX nonsense

Neumont College of Computer Science

A complete wrap up to all things FReX last weekend as the Class of 2020 got to know Neumont Unviersity and Salt Lake CIty. 

Neubies and their guests arrived to a light breakfast and checked in at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. They listened to presentations from Chief Operating and Academic Officer, Aaron Reed, Director of Academics Tim Clark, Director of Corporate Relations Teresa Zundel, Career Services Manager Britta Nelson, and alumnus and Computer Science Instructor Josh Krebs.

Presenters shares why they chose to work at Neumont, highlighted stats and data about the future of computer science in the United States, and explained that Neumont is the best choice for a degree in technology because of our project-based curriculum devleoped in partnership with the tech industry, hands-on approach, and real-world experience. Not to mention, a dedicated Career Services team to help students find jobs before graduation.

The presentations were followed by lunch as a panel of current students and alumni tackled questions on everything from why they chose Neumont to their day-to-day life to their careers. A huge thank you to each of them for taking time out of their day to share their Neumont story. Chris, Furqan, Mary, and Melissa were happy to share their experiences as students and alumni. 


After lunch, attendees and their guests were invited to Project Showcase Prime at Neumont's campus at 143 South Main Street in Salt Lake City. At Prime, students with the best projects from Showcase are invited to present once more. These dedicated students showed off apps, games, and software they had developed independently and in small groups to prove their skills in Java, C#, and more. 


During Project Showcase Prime, guests were invited to tour a student apartment in the Tower Suites, chat with faculty, and search for Easter eggs in honor of the holiday weekend. 

As if all of that wasn't enough, accepted students were invited to get to know current students with a night of gaming on campus. (After a break for dinner at a nearby restaurant of the guests' choosing.) Parents were invited to get to know each other at a small mixer event at the Little America's Lucky H Bar and Grille. 

Students and visitors competed in tournaments for Super Smash Bros and Overwatch. They also had a choice of games to play including Cards Against Humanity, Pathfinder, Resident Evil 7, and more. 

Thank you for visiting! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

The Top Five Reasons To Attend Freshman Experience

Neumont University

Each year, Neumont University hosts accepted students for the event of a lifetime. Freshman Experience a.k.a. FReX gives future students the opportunity to see our campus in person and determine if Neumont is right for them. And although there are many reasons to visit Nemont, below are the five we think are the most important.

1. See the campus and tour student housing. Did you know 85% of our students are from out-of-state? That means for many of our current students the first time they visited Utah was when they attended FReX at Neumont's campus. It's okay if FReX is your first visit to our campus. It will be for just about everyone there. You'll get to check out our high-tech campus and downtown Salt Lake City with a first-hand look at how this can be your new home away from home. 

2. Check out downtown Salt Lake City. Neumont's campus is smack dab in the middle of SLC. Our campus extends from our front doors to a city of art, cultural events, street fairs, farmers markets, shops, restaurants, parks, entertainment venues, and outdoor recreation. Plus, Utah's public transportation system can get you where you need to be. 

3. Get to know other future students. You'll likely meet your future roommates, classmates, and start lifelong friendships at FReX. During the weekend, you'll get to know other future students through fun activities like our all-things-game student social. 

4. Meet current students faculty and staff. You'll have a chance to get answers to all of your questions as you meet current students, faculty, and staff during FReX events. You and your parent(s)/guardian(s) will hear from key members of Neumont's staff and faculty during presentations. You'll also get to hang out with Student Ambassadors, current students who will serve as your guide to all things FReX for the weekend. 

5. See project-based learning in action. We talk about our unique curriculum for learning software development a lot. And you're probably wondering just what exactly we mean when we say, "hands-on, project-based learning." The best way to understand this approach is to see it in person. At our Project Showcase event, students will show you the websites, apps, robots, and more they've built over 10 weeks. 

Neumont University Contributes to Utah’s Silicon Slopes with Project Showcase

Neumont College of Computer Science

Neumont University features more than 50 computer science projects at this spring’s Project Showcase. The event is this Friday, March 11, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 143 S. Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. 

“We describe it as the ultimate science fair,” said Aaron Reed, Chief Operation and Academic Officer. “Our event highlights our students’ technology creations and provides a real-time look at the ingenuity coming out of our university.” 

Projects run the gamut with entries in engineering, game development, web development and more.  Past event submissions included video games, various web development projects, database and genealogy sharing, a location-based reminder app and even a mind-controlled racecar. Students compete in different categories both as teams and individuals in the hope of being declared, “Overall Best Project.” 

“It’s an opportunity for students to showcase what they’ve been working on and for our neighbors to get a better idea of what Neumont is all about,” Reed continues, noting that the public is welcome and invited to attend. “The event is a natural extension for the type of education students have come to, and should, expect from Neumont.” 

Neumont students complete a sequence of projects, which begin in their freshman year and conclude with supervised projects for real employers. These hands-on projects are called, “Enterprise Projects.” Since Neumont’s founding, students have completed over 300 Enterprise Projects with more than 80 different companies like IBM, Bosch, and eBay. Recently Neumont has partnered with local companies like Workfront, Towers Watson, React Games and Pluralsight.

Finding the Right Fit

Neumont University

Have you ever suffered from “buyer’s remorse?” It’s when you purchase something that you later regret buying. More often than not, it happens to people who didn’t take the time to figure out if a purchase was really what they wanted or needed. For some decisions – a new pair of socks or My Little Pony sheets – it’s not that big of deal if you regret your decision. 

But for other choices, like college, you want to be certain that you’ve made the right choice. 

There are advantages to choosing Neumont University. Our accelerated program means a bachelor’s degree in just 3 years – you get in, get out, and get paid. There’s no wasted time flipping burgers in the summer instead you attend school year-round to earn your degree that much faster than your peers. 

We pride ourselves on real world experience. This means real projects, with real clients giving you experience built right into the curriculum. Our project- and problem-based curriculum  means:

  • 97% of our graduates are employed within six months of graduation. 
  • Our graduates earn an average starting salary of $63,000 per year. 
  • Graduates are placed all over the country, from Google, Amazon, Nike, and Microsoft to Wills Towers Watson, React Games, and 1-800 Contacts.  
For complete employment disclaimers, go  here .

For complete employment disclaimers, go here.

Our Admissions Officers have years of collective experience evaluating and choosing the type of student who will succeed at Neumont. Finding the right fit for them means helping prospective students understand the unique culture and experience at Neumont, so you can make an informed decision about what college is best for you. 

We have four tips outlined below to help you determine whether or not any college, not just Neumont University, is right for you.

  • Know what you want to study. When choosing any university, it helps to know what areas you're most interested in and passionate about. Go to a university where you can study your interests and learn skills to advance your career. Are you passionate about technology? It’s more than a love of gaming – but a fascination with progress. It’s getting a rush from finding and solving a challenging technological problem. 

  • Decide what your ideal experience looks like. If classroom time entrenched in theory and attending weekend football games wearing your school colors are at the top of your list, we know Neumont is not right for you. Successful Neumont students want more than theory. They are motivated and enjoy the challenge of working hard to solve  complex problems. Many of our students don't fit the traditional high school mold, and now find themselves surrounded by people who share their passion for being part of the next generation of the tech elite. Neumont is for you if you want a college experience that provides hands-on experience to launch a career in technology.

  • Visit our campus. One of the best ways to get to know Neumont is to spend some time with us. Freshman Experience (FReX) is a two-day event (March 11-12, 2016 and April 8-9, 2016) that gives accepted students a chance to experience Neumont life. The deadline to register for March FReX is Monday, February 29. The deadline to register for April FReX is Monday, March 28. Accepted students can register to attend FReX here.

  • Ask for help. Choosing the right university is tough, so ask for help whenever you need it. In addition to speaking to people you trust (family members, mentors and friends), Neumont has staff and resources to help you make the best decision. Our Admissions Officers and Financial Aid Advisors are always happy to help. From Enrollment Agreements to FAFSAs to roommate concerns, your Neumont team is standing by to answer your questions. Call 888-638-6668, email, or chat with us online to get the help you need.

Current and prospective students gaming at 2015 FReX.

Current and prospective students gaming at 2015 FReX.

Our students know that their future is in technology. They may or may not have previous experience with coding – but when our students visit Neumont, they experience an “ah-ha” moment. A moment that answers the question: Is Neumont the right fit?