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143 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
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Neumont College of Computer Science was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003, to fill the growing national demand for industry-ready technology professionals by offering bachelor’s degree in three years that immerses students in a rigorous, project-based curriculum. This blog serves as a platform to publish and share, news, reviews, and stories from Utah's best kept tech secret. 

Theory, skills, and experience


Neumont College of Computer Sciences's official blogs shares the stories of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to illustrate the Neumont experience. 


Theory, skills, and experience

Neumont College of Computer Science

Neumont College of Computer Science isn't like other colleges and we're okay with that. 

The Neumont Difference

Most college try to be everything to everyone. At Neumont, we focus on one thing and on thing only: technology. We teach faster, more intensely, and more in touch with the realities of the tech industry than any other institution. Our compressed, project-base curriculum means students graduate with the experience and the degree they need to launch their tech careers. 


Pure computer science

Tech is our singular focus. We offer five bachelor's degrees in computer science, information systems, software and game development, technology management, and web design and development. Each of these degrees better prepare our students for the realities of the tech industry by combining theory with hands-on projects. 


Real projects, clients, and experience

When we say our curriculum is real-world, we mean it. Our curriculum is developed with input from our industry partners to ensure students are working on meaningful software development projects from day one to better help them hone their creative, analytical, and collaborative skills. Enterprise Projects are what truly set Neumont students apart. For up to three, 10-week quarters, students work in a team creating a tech solution for a company. Companies like Workfront, Pluralsight, and Thing Big have partnered with Neumont over the years to develop software, quality assurance, and information systems projects that help their company accomplish more. Students also complete small, team-based projects and Capstone Projects on their own to show they're ready to tackle the challenges of the tech industry. 

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Bachelor's degree in 3 years

Our students graduate in only three years by attending classes year-round. Our compressed curriculum means students work in sprints (just like devs in the tech industry) to master skills quickly and sequentially so they graduate with knowledge, experience, and confidence. Instructors focus on teaching students how to learn on their own so they can continue to master skills and technologies in the quickly evolving industry. Students get in, get out, and get coding. No wasted time. 


Computer science optimized

Our focus on computer science is in high demand. There are 8 times more computing jobs available than there are CS graduates to fill them. That helps CS graduates earn an average starting salary of $65,000 a year and estimated lifetime earnings of $1.5 million. Employers that have hired our graduates include Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Blizzard Entertainment, and Amazon, just to name a few. 

If you'd like to see project-based learning in action, drop by Project Showcase on Friday, March 9, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 143 South Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. Students will demonstrate their project work as they compete for prizes. 

If you're ready to start learning to code by coding, complete your Application for Admission before the Late Admission Deadline on Monday, March 29 to receive notification by Tuesday, April 10. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Office of Admissions at 888-638-6668 or