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Neumont College of Computer Science was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003, to fill the growing national demand for industry-ready technology professionals by offering bachelor’s degree in three years that immerses students in a rigorous, project-based curriculum. This blog serves as a platform to publish and share, news, reviews, and stories from Utah's best kept tech secret. 



Neumont College of Computer Sciences's official blogs shares the stories of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to illustrate the Neumont experience. 


Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend FReX

Neumont College of Computer Science

FReX logo.jpg

FReX, Neumont’s Freshman Experience weekend for Accepted Students, is slated for March 8-9, 2019, or April 19-20, 2019. FReX is your opportunity to take a test drive of the campus, meet current and future students, and learn more about our five bachelor’s degree programs. Here are the top 10 reasons you should attend FReX this year:

1.       FReX IS FOR FRESHMEN.  You’ll get to meet and mingle with your future classmates long before school even starts. This is a great way to connect with friends you’ve made on our Discord server and maybe find that perfect roommate.

2.       SEE WHAT SLC HAS TO OFFER. Neumont’s campus sits in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Everything a new student needs to survive at college is close by: restaurants, shopping, museums, movie theaters, and concert venues surround the campus. While you’re visiting, you can explore most of these using Utah’s light rail system, TRAX.

3.       CHECK OUT THE ACTION. We pride ourselves on our hands-on, project-based learning; now you can see it up close and personal. During your visit current students will demo their project work and see what our students get to create every day.

4.       GET TO KNOW CURRENT STUDENTS. Current Neumont students in their natural habitats are an awe-inspiring sight. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet Student Ambassadors and get their questions answered.

5.       GAME TIME. Friday night at FReX is a highlight for many Future Neubies. The Student Social brings together all things game – everything from console, to table-top, to RPGs. We provide the food and drinks to keep things rolling, you provide the nimble thumbs and wrists (did we mention billiards and ping pong?).

6.       NO CRYSTAL BALL NEEDED. “What’s Neumont really like?” “Will I like it there?” “Is Salt Lake really a decent city?” “Will I meet anybody I’ll like?” FReX is all about getting your questions answered. You can speak to key members of faculty and staff while you’re here, too. Ask them anything! We want to be sure you leave with all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

7.       COMPLIMENTARY HOTEL OFFER*. We think you’ll like Neumont so much, we’re willing to give you a place to crash during your visit. We offer our accepted students who are traveling more than 50 miles to attend FReX and their parent(s), guardian(s), or spouse a complimentary room for up to two nights.

8.       CHECK OUT THE NEW DIGS. Take a tour of one of our student apartments, meet the Resident Advisors, and ask our Student Affairs team any questions you might have. This is a great way to start planning for what you need to bring (like that top-end espresso machine!).

9.       EXPLORE OUR HISTORIC BUILDING. Neumont is housed in a historic, 12-story building that was renovated to meet the needs of our high-tech, modern-learning community. This site used to be a Pony Express stop! And you can still see the original 1924 boilers for the building down in the basement.

10.   NEUMONT IS AN EXPERIENCE. Unless you visit, how will you know? We take tremendous pride in our students, our alumni, our faculty, and our staff. We offer an experience that no other school can match. Come and see for yourself!

If you haven’t received your admission decision yet, submit your Application for Admission. If you’re already accepted, register for FReX through the Accepted Student Portal. And be sure to join in the fun on the Neumont 2022 Discord Channel. Your newest friends are waiting there to meet you!

*Only students who have been accepted to start classes in the fall 2019 and live more than 50 miles from campus may qualify for this offer. Offer includes a one-room, two-night stay at an area hotel of Neumont’s choosing. For additional information and eligibility, visit the FReX webpage.

Insights from Singapore on "Gaming Disorder" from President Aaron Reed, Ed.D

Sabrena Suite-Mangum

Aaron Reed, Ed.D., President, Neumont College of Computer Science

Aaron Reed, Ed.D., President, Neumont College of Computer Science

Congratulations to Neumont President Aaron Reed, Ed.D., who recently returned home from Singapore where he presented at the ninth annual International Computer Science Education: Innovation and Technology (CSEIT) Conference. 

Learn more about his presentation, and the paper “Gaming Disorder: A Possible Piece of the Computer Science Retention Puzzle – Investigating the Rate of Excessive Gaming Among Computer Science Students,” penned by Reed and Neumont Senior Academic and Student Life Coordinator John “JP” Peppinger, M.R.C. online by clicking here.

John “JP” Peppinger, Senior Academic and Student Life Coordinator, Neumont College of Computer Science

John “JP” Peppinger, Senior Academic and Student Life Coordinator, Neumont College of Computer Science

Peppinger has also been working on a new program for students called Game Changers. The program is structured similar to an online class, and is scheduled to launch just before the holidays. In addition to learning about how gaming companies use reinforcement methods against consumers to promote more time spent on gaming related materials, students will keep a journal that includes how much time they’re spending on gaming and on gaming-related material.

Jazzed About Our New Partnership

Neumont College of Computer Science



The 2018-2019 NBA preseason kicks off this week, and Neumont couldn’t be more excited. Today, Neumont announced a partnership with Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment (LHMSE).

Through this partnership, students currently attending Neumont will develop software projects and resources for companies under the LHMSE umbrella including, but not limited to, the Utah Jazz, Tour of Utah, and The Zone Sports Network. The first student project is creating an 8-bit video game for the Utah Jazz. Details of the Jazz video game are in the early stages, but Britta Nelson, director of corporate relations, for Neumont said she is already confident this specific Enterprise Partner project will be one that students are especially excited to work on.

You can read more about the partnership with the Utah Jazz and the new partnership here.

Neumont Featured on KUTV's "Fresh Living"

Neumont College of Computer Science

Check out the clip from "Fresh Living" with President Aaron Reed, Ed.D., Director of Corporate Relations Britta Nelson, and recent graduate Sophie Wargo. They share their insights about the value of a computer science degree in today's economy.

2018 Fall Quarter Course Schedule For First-year Students

Neumont College of Computer Science

A project-based curriculum at Neumont College of Computer Science, means you'll receive a well-rounded education wtih an edge. You'll learn relevant technologies along with the skills you need to succeed in the workplace throughout your time here. 

From your first class to your last, courses are designed with input from employees at tech companies large and small. That's why you'll take math and social sciences along with computer science and technology courses. Through our hands-on approach, you'll learn far more than programming: You'll learn how to work in a team, how to communicate effectively, and how to present yourself and your projects as a professional.

You can see that combination of theory, skills, and experience in the brief list of courses you're likely to take in your first quarter listed below.

Classes may be taught in a traditional, blended, or online format. This is not a complete course schedule and your personal schedule may differ depending on certain criteria. For more details, check out the 2018-2019 Course Catalog.

  • NEU100: College Success Strategies
    Learn effective time management, communication, and research skills to help you succeed.

  • CSC105: Using Modern Operating Systems
    Learn the most productive ways to use modern operating systems like Windows and Linux.

  • CSC110: Introduction to Computer Science
    While building applications, learn fundamental computer science concepts.

  • MAT110: Sets, Probability, & Number Systems
    An introductory course to set theory, practical applications in probability, binary, floating point representation, and more.

  • SSC250: Human Relations & Personality Development
    Examine yourself, evaluate future expectations, and learn practical skills to develop a strategy for success.

We mean when we say the best way to learn to code is to code. You'll pick up your new Lenovo P1 laptop and course schedule at Orientation Kickoff on Saturday, September 22. From day one, you'll start learning to code by coding. We can't wait to show you how. 

Log in to the Accepted Student Portal to see which tasks still need your attention. If you have any questions about the enrollment process, call 888-638-6668 or email

Neumont Commencement Address Looks to Tech Future in Utah and Beyond

Neumont College of Computer Science

Neumont College of Computer Science honored graduates at the 2018 Commencement Ceremony on Friday, August 31 at The Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City. John Knotwell, CEO and president of the Utah Technology Council, provided the keynote address. Neumont President Aaron Reed, Ed.D. also spoke briefly. You can watch the full ceremony at the YouTube link below. 

Knotwell, a 12-year veteran in Utah's growing tech community spoke of the value of listening, sharing that, "…true listening shows that you value those people around you. It shows that you are invested in them as people, and that you, as a colleague, coworker, boss, or friend, want them to succeed. And a world where we all wish one another success is the only way to find success ourselves. It's how we build each other up, how we build up our organizations, how we have faith in the future."

Valedictorian Mary Shultz (Computer Science) and Salutatorians Ben Goff (Computer Science) and Justin Furtado (Software & Game Development) stand to receive their diplomas. 

Valedictorian Mary Shultz (Computer Science) and Salutatorians Ben Goff (Computer Science) and Justin Furtado (Software & Game Development) stand to receive their diplomas. 

Making a plug for Utah's tech future as well, Knotwell shared, "We have over 6,500 tech firms in Utah. We are the fastest growing in the country, adding job after job after job to every listing site that has ever existed," noting that, "There will never be a moment where opportunity is not calling you. The only real impact that you can make, in your career or in your life, is your choice," and invited Neumont graduates to stay local.

Bashaa'ir Abdul-Qasim's (Information Systems) family greets the graduate during a reception after the ceremony. 

Bashaa'ir Abdul-Qasim's (Information Systems) family greets the graduate during a reception after the ceremony. 

"Make the choice to stay," he implored. "Make this community your home. Explore opportunities and the mountains. Invest your time here finding the balance that we all want in work and in life."

After noting three key life lessons gleaned from his time in tech and higher education, Dr. Reed closed his remarks reminding graduates, "Today was the day you joined an elite tech workforce --  the one-and-a-half percent that are chiefly responsible for the future of America's economy and national security," referencing remarks earlier where he noted that while 30 percent of Americans have bachelors degrees, only 3 percent of all awarded degrees go to computer science, and only 1.5 percent of people in the United States work in computer science.

2018 Commencement Ceremony Keynote Speaker John Knotwell, Utah Technology Council president and CEO, reminds graduates that the best way to find success is to help others. 

2018 Commencement Ceremony Keynote Speaker John Knotwell, Utah Technology Council president and CEO, reminds graduates that the best way to find success is to help others. 

But "even more exclusively than that," Reed said, "remember that today is the day you joined a growing army of tech giants that are part of a family of Neumont alumni."

What to Bring to College

Neumont College of Computer Science

Move-in Day for first-year students is almost here! As you're preparing for college, deciding what to bring with you can feel like an overwhelming task. That's why we worked with current students to develop a list of the five most important things to bring with you to Neumont College of Computer Science in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In the video on our YouTube channel, Admissions Manager Jason Thompson walks through the top five most important items to bring with you. 

5-First aid kit, including over-the-counter and prescription medications. 

4-Business casual clothing like polos, khakis, and nice shoes. 

3-Tech support meaning HDMI cables, chargers, batteries, and other items. 

2-All weather clothing, prepare for snow, rain, and sun. Bring a coat, gloves, hat, scarf, umbrella, jacket, and boots. 

1-Identification documents like a stat-issued ID and copies of insurance cards. 

For a more complete Packing List, go to The Class of 2021 will move into Student Housing on Friday, September 21. Check your email and mail for exact move-in times and location. If you have any questions, contact your Admissions Officer at 888-638-6668 or

Class of 2021 Laptop: Lenovo P1

Neumont College of Computer Science

We're thrilled to announce that incoming first-year students enrolled in the bachelor's degree programs will receive the Lenovo P1 as the cohort laptop in the fall of 2018. 

Each year, Neumont College of Computer Science carefully selects a new machine for the incoming students to use throughout their time here. This high-end work machine will allow students from each degree program to use the tools they need to create remarkable apps, sites, tools, games, reports, and more. 

The complete specs for the Lenovo P1 are listed below. 

Lenovo P1: 4-year warranty with accidental damage protection

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64

Processor:  Intel Core i7-8850H (Hexa Core 2.60GHz, 4.30GHz Turbo, 9MB 45W, w/Intel UHD Graphics 630)

Memory:  32GB (16+16), DDR4-2666MHz, SODIMM

Graphics:  NVIDIA Quadro P2000 w/4GB GDDR5 128bits

Wireless:  Intel 9560 Card (802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2), 2x2 MIMO

Hard Drive:  M.2 PCIe 512GB SSD

Battery: 4-cell (80Wh) Lithium Ion battery

Display: 15.6 FHD (1920x1080) IPS Anti-Glare 300nits

Requiring a specific make and model of laptop has a few key advantages. First, it helps Neumont support your hardware quickly and efficiently. We handle all standard warranty service on-campus at no extra cost, which saves valuable time for our students. Second, having a large fleet of a specific model allows us to quickly gather data and apply fixes if needed to a large population. Lastly, it ensures consistency among students in the classroom learning process.

Inside the software and game development bachelor's degree with program chair Ray Maple

Neumont College of Computer Science

Software & Game Development Program Chair Ray Maple sat down with Admissions Manager Jason Thompson for a 30-minute livestream on YouTube to chat about the game development industry, learning game development at Neumont College of Computer Science, and what it takes to succeed in that competitive field. 

You can watch the full video on our YouTube channel.

Ray has over 20 years of experience developing games. He has worked at small game studios, "Indies before we called them 'indies,'" Ray jokes. And he has worked at large companies like Disney working to develop games like Disney Infinity 1, 2, and 3.

After developing games for so long, Ray made the switch to teaching. He brings experience from making game engines to programming game play. "I feel like I've seen it all," says Ray. "I've done everything..I can show these students how to build a game from the ground up."

Watching students grow and learn from the beginning is the most rewarding part of his current job. He says watching students be creative and do more as they learn more is what keeps him going. 

The game development program at Neumont covers C, C++, C#, and game engines in addition to artificial intelligence, shading, characters, physics, and more. 

If you would like to earn a bachelor's degree in software and game development at Neumont, complete your Application for Admission now.